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Taught by Neil Rosiak and featuring Sami Berik (pro MMA fighter)
Master the high level fighting techniques of traditional Cheng Tin Hung style Tai Chi Chuan which led to Yang Lu Chan being considered invincible and our school producing many full contact fighting champions.

Running Time: 187 minutes


Master the high level fighting techniques of traditional Tai Chi Chuan which led to Yang Lu Chan being considered invincible

Tai Chi first become widely known because of ‘invincible’ Yang Lu Chan, who achieved national  fame and recognition as an unbeatable fighter, taking on all comers in Beijing in the 19th century. He then taught the art to the elite military units of the day, the imperial guard.


A detailed and systematic approach to the 48 San Shou (fighting) techniques of Tai Chi, exactly as taught by Master Cheng Tin Hung.

Master Cheng Tin Hung was known as Hong Kong’s top fighter during his era. He was selected to compete in the international competition between Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. He defeated the 3 times national champion of Taiwan, who was also the national and military head coach for martial arts, in full contact competition, despite having a 10kg disadvantage. This secured his fame in the Hong Kong martial arts community.

Over the years he trained multiple international full contact fighting champions using this style of Tai Chi self defence. His students recorded an amazing 32 wins out of 33 fights in domestic Hong Kong full contact tournaments.

He and his students also showed superiority in self defence, with Cheng Tin Hung once being attacked by 11 machete wielding triad members. He survived and hospitalised the majority of his attackers.

From my school we have produced numerous national, European and World full contact champions. I’ve used the techniques myself in my former ‘bouncer’ work, as have some of my students, and have always been amazed at its utility and effectiveness.

Apart from producing champion fighters, what’s so special about this system of Tai Chi self defence?

This style of Tai Chi comes from an exceptional, unbroken lineage from Yang Lu Chan. It includes all the traditional drills and training methods which have been carefully designed to work together strengthening the overall skills and capacity of the student.

The techniques are the applied use of the moves in the slow motion hand form, fused with Tai Chi theory and the trained power developed in the Internal Strength exercises.

Everything links together seamlessly.

  • Techniques use softness to defeat hardness
  • They incorporate the movement patterns and power trained in Tai Chi Neigong (internal strength)
  • They are extremely practical, direct and simple to use
  • They can enable smaller people to achieve high levels of real confidence in defending themselves effectively
  • They can become effective quickly

We are preserving the most traditional, effective methods of application which have been painstakingly researched

Ive been teaching Tai Chi since 1994 and practicing since 1988. In recent times, I’ve spent many hours researching the most traditional training methods, practices and approaches to this style of Tai Chi with Cheng Kam Yan, son of Cheng Tin Hung. I’ve done this to ensure there were no gaps in my knowledge base, or misunderstandings of any of the methods used in this style.

The techniques presented are therefore exactly as originally taught by Master Cheng Tin Hung, including all the major points that will make them most efficient and effective. I don’t go ‘off piste’ introducing my own ideas and developments etc.

Becoming a teacher of this method

This course is designed as both a reference and training course, but also as a teacher training course. To become a certified instructor in this method of traditional Tai Chi self defence you will simply be required to attend an online viva test, where you will be carefully be assessed on your knowledge of the training method and competence at both the practice of them and their instruction. No additional costs are required, and you will be registered as part of the 13 Dynamics Tai Chi Collective.


  1. Hi.

    Thank you mr Neil. It’s been a amazing improvement in your new delivery of the self defence from this amazing system you have been teaching.. the best I have ever been training

  2. An incredibly useful resource for anyone interested in the martial aspects of Tai Chi. All of the 48 San Shou techniques from the Cheng Ting Hung lineage are covered in detail. Neil breaks down each application, demonstrating perfect form, explaining the mechanics behind each move and offering useful training tips. This video allows you to train with a partner effectively at home to build the muscle memory and reflexes required to perform the techniques under real combat situations.

    Neil’s knowledge and understanding of the martial applications are genuinely second to none, so this is a unique opportunity to learn the applications from an accomplished Tai Chi master.

    An essential resource for anyone looking to understand the traditional marital aspects of Tai Chi and improve their self-defence skills.

  3. A very useful resource cataloguing the essential techniques of the Cheng Ting Hung style.
    Neil presents the core applications of the style with the detail that gives each technique its power.
    A great start to anyone needing more clarity to their learning. This is a useful tool which will help structure your practice and will help you develop the long form with the correct intention and focus.

    This video is another unique look at the raw undiluted system originally developed by Cheng Ting Hung without the popular corruptions and interpretations that have been added over time.

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