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Born in London, and raised in Pacific Vanuatu, I grew up with a love of the outdoors, nature, sports and martial arts. While living there I was a competitive horse rider, specialising in show jumping and cross country events. I developed an interest in Asian philosophy and martial arts training at a very early age, inspired by watching my father practice Tai Chi and reading his books.

I definitely see physical training, especially martial arts, as both art and science

Over the years I began to understand the depths and beauty of both traditional and modern forms of martial arts training. At their most complete they combine artistry, self control and awareness and the development of the individuals character. I’ve spent 3 decades training in martial arts, and have competed at national and world level. I’ve also taught many champion students. I learned fighting Tai Chi from Mr Dan Docherty.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been trained by some of the foremost practitioners and artists in their respective disciplines.

Along with martial arts, I also studied strength and conditioning techniques of various kinds. Powerlifiting and strength training, as well as kettlebell lifting have long been part of my general conditioning toolbox for clients. In fact I got so into kettlebell lifting at one point that I spent a month in Lativa training at the Olympic centre under the tutelage of then world Champion Mr Ginko.

I’ve always been fascinated by sport science and training theory, both for martial arts, general health and performance. So I’ve always researched and studied all related topics, including doing an MSc in Strength and Conditioning. There’s a lot of misinformation in training and health/fitness so a grounding in research is very helpful to sort wheat from chaff.

I work with a lot of different students and clients, who all have different goals, whether training individually or in group sessions. My goal is to give them all access to the highest quality training possible in ways that will give them the most benefit for effort put in.

Below are some of the people Ive worked with;