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The fastest way to high level martial arts skills

if you want to learn martial arts and achieve a good standard in the shortest time then private one on one coaching is the answer.

After an initial discussion we can set the most accurate course of training to meet your specific goals.

Self defence and combat focussed training

I’ve trained many competitive martial arts champions over the years, including 2 world champions and many European and national champions. This kind of experience means I can help your growth and development as a practical and capable combat martial artist in a highly focussed way.

My self defence syllabus will build your striking skills, wrestling and grappling skills as well as footwork, defence and evasion training. Additionally general tactical details are covered too.

The self defence methods used rely on skill and leverage so small and weaker people can become fearless against bigger opponents.

Strength, Power and Conditioning focus

With more than 30 years in martial arts and fitness education and research as well as a Masters degree in strength and conditioning I have a unique understanding of effective training.

  • Once we have identified your goals we will set out on a learning and training journey using solid scientific training protocols to bring you the results you want.
  • Weight loss, body composition and fat loss
  • Strength building and muscular development
  • Training for aesthetics
  • Training for sports or combat performance

Health, injury rehab and healing

Chinese martial arts, particularly Tai Chi and its mysterious (and secretive) Neigong system are remarkably enjoyable and effective exercise programs, which strengthen your health and improve your physical and mental performance.

  • Taoist deep breathing techniques to drastically improve health, wellbeing and performance
  • Mindful movement practice to achieve higher states of mental and emotional functioning
  • Primal movement exercise, mastering movement and building ideal postures and structure
  • Improving blood flow, cardiovascular functioning and the movement of lymph.

To Book private coaching sessions

Call or WhatsApp Neil on 0751 552 2950