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This new video production details the full 24 Tai Chi Neigong exercises.

Tai chi neigong has long been considered the most important aspect of Tai Chi practice for health and martial ability. Traditionally the saying is;

The Taiji Quan expert
trains the fist in order to repair the mind,
trains the sword in order to nourish the qi, trains the sabre in order to cultivate the will, trains the spear in order to augment wisdom, trains the neigong in order to strengthen jin.

The 24 Neigong internal strength exercises are a fascinating system designed to produce a strong, healthy and powerful physique, whilst producing a tranquil and still mind.

It accomplishes this by giving you 12 ‘Yin’ exercises to practice up to 4 days per week and a complimentary’ Yang’ sequence of 12 exercises which can be trained 3 days per week.

The Yin exercises are done in a very soft, relaxed and smooth manner. There is no tension at all but there is the development of rapid, explosive power, which is required to be able to use Tai chi as a martial art. The Yin exercises build structural strength, muscular endurance and refine coordination and increase body awareness. They also stimulate and strengthen the internal organs, whilst training the body to use a very deep style of breathing, known as tortoise breathing. Physical strength, endurance and power come naturally with regular practice.
The yin exercises have long been known to help reduce stress and to improve insomnia and nervous tension etc.

The complimentary Yang set features many standing meditation postures as well as some ingenious dynamic strengthening techniques designed to build deeper levels of body awareness and control, as well as to train high levels of functional, whole body, connected strength. Balance, explosive power snd coordination are also highly developed. The final exercise is a meditation practice, which can be done separately as an aid to deeply restful sleep and to achieve deep states of relaxation and mental stillness.

So in summary the following are possible benefits depending on the individual and how much practice is carried out;


  • Strong immune system
  • Powerful concentration
  • Full range of movement flexibility
  • Emotional stability and tranquility
  • strengthens the health and functioning of the internal organs
  • Boosts creative energies
  • Strengthens the bones
  • Machine like stamina
  • Builds advanced physical strength and power
  • Enhances athleticism and sports performance
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Helps you to achieve deep relaxation
  • Helps insomnia
  • you will sleep like a baby
  • Boosts metabolism and encourages helps weight management
  • Strengthens digestion and elimination
  • strengthens sexual energy and balances hormones
  • Loosens the joints
  • Enhances martial technique
  • Improves posture and alignment
  • Forges the will
  • Improves balance

The exercises have been very secretively taught, with the oral tradition being that they were originally developed by Taoists based on their understanding of Chinese medicine, internal alchemy and knowledge of health producing exercise systems which have developed over the centuries in China. Many of the movements were inspired by animals, and certain qualities the animals possessed, such as the tortoise, which lives a long life.


  1. Neil is a fantastic teacher, and I’ve really enjoyed studying Neigong with him. The instruction in the video is very clear and moves at a good pace. There are different camera angles and movements are repeated and narrated so that the nuances come across. Strongly recommended!

  2. Having dabbled with Tai Chi Neigong, but in the absence of a good teacher and without any real consistency, it is refreshing to find a teacher of Neil’s caliber and experience. He has delivered a very accessible and transformative instructional video. He distills and delivers the essence of ancient Tai Chi Neigong practice in a very precise and easy to follow manner.
    Through regular practice, this instructional video has helped me to foster a greater sense of inner peace, connectedness and fortitude in my own life.
    I would wholeheartedly recommend this instructional video for anyone with an interest in Tai Chi Neigong and/or as means of self improvement as i feel that it is a powerful means of inner engineering.

  3. This is a great instructional video of a very rare conditioning program from internal martial arts. In fact its the only one I have ever seen by a western or eastern student with detailed instructions in English. I work as a physiotherapist and can vouch for effects of this system in developing a strong balanced physique. It combats the detrimental effects of sedentary living and poor posture by strengthening the major muscle and fascial trains that meander through the body form a deep to superficial level. From a martial stand point it delivers a strong root in conjunction with focused coordinated movement essential for effortless striking and parrying. Despite practicing neikung for ten years I have found this video a great blue print to keep my practice on track. Neikung builds your body from the inside out so the mind body and breath work in harmony.

  4. Hi so to all the people who wants to try this amazing tai chi nei gong system.. I can only recommend with fully of my heart. I have been doing it for 20 plus years. Love it and it’s the best I have ever try and been training in.
    Highly recommend to buy and start your new journey too

  5. This is a brilliant instructional video for anyone wanting to learn the neigong system and also for people wanting to improve / refresh their neigong training. Neil has a deep-rooted understanding of each neigong exercise and demonstrates / explains each one in a very clear and concise way. Even if you think your neigong training is at a pretty good level I would recommend this video. I’m sure it will identify areas where your technique can be improved upon and you can maximise the benefits to be gained from practicing this awesome system.

  6. I have been a student, practitioner and sometimes teacher of this system for 3 decades now, having trained under Dan Docherty, Neil Rosiak and others. Nei gung is the holy grail of this system and is generally reserved for students that are able to fully dedicate themselves to the art. Anyone wishing to embark on this section of the tai chi syllabus should not take it lightly. Neil has a profound and in depth knowledge of the system. The instructions in this video are insightful, clear and to the point and will assist anyone wishing to develop and improve their nei gung conditioning. I can fully recommend this video as an aid to help support your training.

  7. Neil’s deep expertise and joy for Taiji in all its expressions is rooted deeply in freedom and form. At the core, Nei gung opens the door to a world of possibilities within the body, self-awareness and beyond. Very grateful to Neil for opening this door for us. You will love and benefit from this video, Neil’s clear and heart-full instructions will guide you through.

  8. Neil’s deep expertise and joy for Taiji in all its expressions is rooted deeply in freedom and form. At the core, Nei gong opens the door to a world of possibilities within the body, self-awareness and beyond. Very grateful to Neil for opening this door for us. You will love and benefit from this video, Neil’s clear and heart-full instructions will guide you through.

  9. A comprehensive, and professionally produced video, clearly illustrating and explaining all the Nei Gong postures.
    I found the video very helpful, as an aide memoire, and as motivation to be more attentive and focused in my practice – having noted some suspect habits in my own practice!
    It was also helpful to have front and side views of the postures with voice over talking one through the movement and posture. Noteworthy, particularly for those new to these exercises, is the availability of support from Neil via email or mobile.
    Neil is clearly a very experienced and competent teacher who has created a much needed and valuable learning tool.

  10. The best way to learn tai chi is of course from a great teacher. There are very few who really know the depth and detail of tai chi as well as Neil. This video of the nei gung exercises is exceptional, i have found nothing like it anywhere else. It provides a hugely valuable reference. These conditioning exercises build a strong and solid foundation for tai chi. I am slowly building my practice, going back to this often to check both the basics of the movements but also the detail of alignment and breathing. This very helpful and great value.

  11. For me this is more than helpful in so many ways. If you practice Neigong you will appreciate and perfect your practise with Neil’s help and guidance. He’s a pocket guide on woodland trips.

  12. Hi
    Love the concept, your web page doesn’t mention a format so just checking Is this a physical video or a download. Definitely a goal for 2021.

  13. Is there a separate, non instructional follow along section on the video where one can follow the teacher in real time? Thank you!

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