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Learn Tai Chi quickly and easily

Clear step by step instruction guiding you in detail

The form taught is the beginner to intermediate form traditionally used in the Wu and Wudang styles to build excellent Tai Chi skills – with all the benefits normally associated with Tai chi practice.

The video teaches every movement in an easy to follow- step by step way – so that you can learn all the technical intricacies as well as the ‘active ingredients’ which make Tai Chi practice so effective.

Square form builds incredible levels of body awareness as well as whole body strength and endurance, in a way which feels quite effortless.

The postures of the form are also held in a ‘Zhan zhuang’ style approach, for deep, calming and meditative benefits.

Once you have mastered the postures of the square form, the rest of your Tai Chi practice can get to the highest levels.

  • Improve your appearance with better posture, muscle tone and body fat
  • Build strength through the whole body
  • Improve whole body health, and the functioning of organs and systems within the body
  • Improve concentration, focus and mind/body connection
  • Improve immune function
  • Achieve deep relaxation and regulation of thoughts and emotions
  • Can help to reduce anxiety and nervousness


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  1. Neil is one of the few teachers that actually create the space for students to “…become like water my friend (BL)..”. this video opens the space of exploration for Tai ji and martial arts enthusiasts who are willing to explore water like a fountain.

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