Tai Chi Chuan is an exceptional martial art and approach to well rounded health, originally designed by the Taoist hermits of ancient China. The art is designed to help practitioners to build a fit and health body, a calm and focussed mind as well as a first class knowledge of martial skills.

Training is based around 5 key areas of practice, with each area concentrating on developing key skills or abilities.

Our Tai chi system is very different to most Tai Chi available elsewhere. We choose to practice the art using the original and rare martial methods, which add depth to the training and enhance the range of benefits.It’s a big art, which should be approached with discipline and dedication in order to reap the considerable rewards from the training

I run weekly Tai Chi classes in Camden Town

Our Tai Chi community trains twice per week, for two and a half hours per session. Not everyone comes twice per week, and not everyone stays for the entire session. Students come from a wide range of backgrounds and are of different ages and fitness levels. It’s an extremely open and friendly community of practitioners, who come together to enjoy training as well as other social get-togethers.

Tai Chi classes Monday and Wednesday

Classes start at 6.30pm and finish at 9pm. All levels are very welcome, including complete beginners.

Venue: 16 Kentish Town Road, Camden, NW1 9NX

Monthly membership : £100

Single session : £20

Private Tuition

If for any reason you’d like to train with me privately, this can be arranged simply.