A bespoke personal training service, at a private Camden Town studio


If you’re a performance focused person, my strength and conditioning sessions will get you the improvements you are looking for.

Using research driven training techniques all facets of your physical capacity can be improved efficiently. Strength, power, speed, body composition, stamina etc.


Most of my clients are simply interested in looking good, feeling well and enjoying their exercise practices. This includes rehabilitation from illness or injury.

A wide variety of exercise techniques can be used, depending what you enjoy and gravitate towards, as well as those things that I know to be most effective for your particular needs.

Martial Arts/Holistic

Some of my clients come to me because they have more particular needs and interests. I offer tuition in martial arts, Chinese health building exercises such as Tai Chi form and Qigong, as well as some simple to learn and use meditation techniques.


Single session consultations

If you would like to come on a commitment free basis, or you require a single consultation on a specific aspect of training.

Pre-purchased sessions (10)

If you want to start a course of regular practice/training pre-paying reduces costs.
£90 per session

Pre-purchased sessions (20)

Further reductions are offered for clients who commit to more regular training.
£80 per session

19 Kentish Town Road, London NW1 9NX, U.K. - 0751 552 2950