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Professional Pushing Hands: Tai Chi’s grappling engine

Want to develop highly effective tai chi grappling skills?

My pushing hands course is designed to teach you the traditional fighting tai chi approach to pushing hands in a way that you can action and make real.

Included are all the traditional theoretical concepts you need to focus on. 

You will also learn all the traditional pushing hands drills that are designed to teach you how to make the eight powers and five directional steps of tai chi second nature. Special care is taken to show you the major important points of emphasis during their practice.

Bridging the gap between formal drills and spontaneous practice is difficult for many people so I have included exercises that are designed to condition and make natural you ability to use perfect tai chi technique in live situations such as freestyle pushing hands.

The training presented is useful for those of you who want to improve your tai chi pushing hands and grappling skills within a self defence / feefighting context as the links between the two training methods are explained. 

The material should also be informative for tai chi pushing hands competitors. It’s taught and presented by myself, Neil Rosiak, and Sami Berik – both of us competed and won all our (23) matches at the first European Tai Chi pushing hands championship – becoming champions of the fixed and moving step categories. The techniques we used are those presented in this material.

Course video run time: 1hr 49min

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