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Taught personally by Neil Rosiak MSc, European Heavyweight Tai Chi Champion

accommodation provided if required.

  • 2 Hours Private tuition per day
  • 6 Hours of group workshops within the week
  • Accommodation and full access to the gym for the five days

This course is designed to give you a solid foundation in the Wudang style of Tai Chi within the 13Dynamics framework. You will learn the essentials of developing a powerful and effective martial and health practice, at a level where you can be confident in setting up your own club or class.

You will learn 

  • 24 Tai Chi Neigong techniques
  • Tai Chi’s combat conditioning techniques
  • How to practice tai chi form as a martial artist
  • The major tai chi self defence techniques
  • Core pushing hands drills and freestyle pushing hands

At the end of the week you will receive a certificate of attendance and also an in depth personal guidance form pointing you to the fastest ways for you to develop your practice.

Your course will be video’d in its entirety enabling you to review the material and training at your leisure.

The course includes all reference materials that will enable you to quickly learn the considerable material covered.

Moving on from the course we hope you will become a valued member of the international 13Dynamics community.

Date options


Week starting 5th

Week starting 12th

Week starting 19th


Week starting 4th

Week starting 11th

Week starting 18th


Week starting 1st

Week starting 8th

Week starting 15th

Week starting 22nd.

Once you have booked we will get in touch regarding which dates you wish to attend.

Please note, if for any reason you are unable to come to London or for any other reason wish to host a course with Neil in your district, do get in touch to discuss options as we are happy to travel in the right circumstances.

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  1. I can fully recommend Neil’s course! It’s brilliant, effective and fun to learn. Neil teaches each part of the form and its martial application in self defence and pushing hand straight away so you can both understand and mémorise it in the best way possible. It’s based on a lot of practice time and his knowledge is impressive.
    From pushing hands to self defence, from classic form to physical conditioning, Neil’s course has it all…and I think that’s quite rare.
    Thanks again Neil for sharing your knowledge

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