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A structured course to learn to practice Tai Chi in an unrestricted way.

Many approaches to Tai Chi are inherently limited and designed for beginners. This video introduces you to training approaches which will allow your practice to grow and evolve in a limitless/unrestricted way – which is the essence of the art.

Running time: 1 hour 41 min

  • Learn the essence and inner structure of the art
  • Learn ALL the forms within Tai chi’s traditional syllabus
  • Learn how to approach practice creatively and with your individual needs
  • Learn how to train Tai chi as a formidable martial art

The focus for this volume is on Solo training, through intelligent practice of the solo methods.

If you are a beginner this video will give you excellent foundations and give you a clear vision for your practice. If you are intermediate/advanced you will learn practices that will expand your skills.

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  1. Neil is a great coach and has a profound in depth understanding of tai chi chuan. A clear video presenting an often under utilised way of training outside of routine Tai Chi Chuan form. Neil helps you understand the individual form moves inside out by breaking away the routine and rigidity that often develops by just practicing form in the popularised lineal fashion.

  2. Thank you Mr Neil. I have just watched this video. And it’s amazing. Now I will take in what’s I saw I can improve and do my own training for the day. Thanks for a very good well done video who will help many people to improve and learn authentic Tai Chi Chuan

  3. Neil is the real deal! Incredible softness and quality of movement, combined with ferocious strength and lightening speed. Highly recommended for any serious student of internal martial arts.

  4. This video is a really useful guide for solo practice. The Tai Chi syllabus is almost limitless in that there are always areas that can be improved upon. The form alone is enough for a lifetime of practice yet sometimes we struggle to find a focus for our own solo practice. In this video, Neil gives us a really creative approach to solo practice. It’s 1hr 40mins in length but its contents will give you inspiration to keep you going for many more solo sessions.

  5. Thanks Neil!
    It is journey:
    from softness to power,
    through flow to fajin,
    in the search of peaceful ease,
    discovering the body,
    to perfect the mind…
    A video for those who are ready to find meaning in the form.

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