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Neil Rosiak Tai Chi teacherI have been training in martial arts since childhood, becoming particularly interested in Tai Chi Chuan as a martial practice. Over the years since then I have participated in lots of different events and competitions in order to develop my skills and understanding of  martial arts in particular and physical training, conditioning and health development.

In the early years I trained very hard and competed in various martial arts events, gaining experiencing in grappling events, as well as professional full contact fighting. All the while I would study as much as i could about fitness, conditioning and performance training, whilst concurrently practicing all the traditional elements of Tai Chi’s internal practices, including forms and neigong.

I began teaching Tai chi full time in 1994 as well as giving private tuition and personal training sessions. Over the years i’ve continually researched and implemented the best training methods I could find and continue to do so.

Currently I am teaching those interested in real, authentic Tai Chi as a practice for development of mind and body – which includes a full martial curriculum. I’m also training a select groups of personal training clients, using techniques and methods that include elements of the martial arts, strength and conditioning practices as well as tried, tested and well researched natural lifestyle measures.


  • 30 + years Tai Chi Chuan training learned from Dan Docherty, South East Asian super heavyweight full contact champion
  • MSc Strength and Conditioning, from the University of Edinburgh
  • UK head of the I.U.K.L (International Union of Kettlebell Lifting)
  • British and European Tai Chi Champion (super heavyweight)
  • Teacher to many British and European Tai Chi champions
  • Trainer of world San Da/Kuoshu world champions (full contact)
  • Strength and Conditioning columnist for Combat magazine

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