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Neil has accumulated decades of knowledge, experience and research in most areas of training. Training with Neil gives you access to a unique, rewarding and enjoyable experience, in one of London’s most atmospheric training spaces, in the heart of Camden Town.

To the uninitiated, the training process can be like be like finding a needle in a haystack. To a professional trainer there is a clear and direct road map to find the right path. Neil brings you customised training tailored specifically to you and your unique requirements . Integrating techniques from a wide variety of disciplines your health, fitness and performance are transformed.

Disciplines include breathing techniques, postural training and remoulding, movement development, true strength training, power building, endurance and cardio respiratory development as well as meditative and mindfulness training.  Martial arts, MMA and self defence training is also available for the more adventurous.


Training availability varies depending on existing client commitments, though we do our best to accommodate you.



0751 552 2950 (Phone or Whatsapp)