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  1. Whole body integrated strength
  2. Increased endurance (central and peripheral)
  3. Explosive power (Fa Jin) in all directions
  4. Better movement, footwork and Tai Chi technique
  5. Internalise and embody the classical Tai Chi principles

This course teaches you how to develop exactly the right type of strength, power and endurance to reach your full potential as a Tai Chi martial artist.

The traditional light handweight methods of traditional fighting tai chi (Wudang/Cheng Tin Hung lineage) which used to be practiced using rocks and then lead filled weights have been further expanded and developed into 42 exercises – each combined with tai chi’s essential movement, strategy and combat theory.

This gives you a daily practice that can vastly improve not only your physical conditioning but give you a very high degree of familiarity with all of tai chi’s major combat movement patterns, whilst embodying the essential theories.

In addition we have included a short section on kettlebell exercises for tai chi practitioners, selecting the most important movements for the greatest transfer of training effect. Not a traditional method, but used in this skillful way kettlebells may be used to augment and maximise power development in an ideal way for the martial artist.

Build strength (Li), shape it’s use and give it skill (Jin) and become able to execute at explosive speeds (Fa Jin).

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