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Date: Sunday 19th May 11am-4pm

Location: Grovelands Park, Southgate


Going deep into detail on square and round form for optimal structure and movement quality.


Either starting you off on your Neigong internal strength journey or improving the quality of your practice.

Application work

Focusing on mastering all key self defence applications, enhancing power, distance and timing. We will also cover how to develop form interpretation skill so you can decode forms and make the applications real.


Working on the essentials of a high quality special strength practice, designed to build the right type of flexible, relaxed strength for tai chi practical application. Endurance also improves.

Pushing Hands

Exploring the links between pushing hands drills and practical self defence ability. Creating new conditioned responses to opponent aggressions.

The workshops are suitable for all styles and all levels of practitioner from beginner to pro.

Groups will be kept small so please book in advance to ensure a place.

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