Dan Docherty victorious

Tai Chi vs mma

Why would you choose to practice Tai Chi Chuan when modern MMA training available? In the last couple of years a Chinese MMA practitioner has been going around in China and fighting (and KO'ing) a number of traditional martial arts practitioners. In most ways this is not a terrible thing, because he is on a…
Tai chi pad work

Kung training: Martial conditioning

Kung training develops a predatory, aggressive and confident mindset for combat and self defence (only) ‘The spirit is like that of a cat about to catch a rat’, Tai chi classics Far too many practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan have far too much faith in the power of softness. Yes it is a critical part…

Tai chi fighting drill training

Tai Chi fighting methodology

The first step is to develop deep familiarity with the Tai Chi fighting applications Classical Wudang Tai Chi Chuan contains 48 techniques that contain practical ways of applying the ideas of the thirteen tactics whilst incorporating the fundamental yin yang principle. Each of the drills can be viewed as a technique or drilling, training method, often containing…

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