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My primary objective is to give students access to the best possible training methods, practices and supplementary lifestyle measures in the most beneficial ways.

I coach students via online sessions, through e-courses and videos as well as in person, through private coaching and in small group settings.

From a health, fitness and performance perspective

  1. A scientific approach, using the very best of tried and tested, as well as cutting edge training methods
  2. Strength and power work, the essential quality in health and human performance is developed using high quality strength sessions
  3. Endurance and stamina training to enhance health and performance, strengthening the capacities of central and peripheral endurance, in additional to sports specific economy factors where desired.
  4. True wholistic health promotion, looking at emergent properties and enhancing the bodies’ natural ecosystems using a variety of exercise and lifestyle factors, to promote physical and mental wellbeing and optimal performance.

Martial Arts training

  • Using martial arts to enhance experience, wellbeing and promote growth and and attainment of human potential
  • Using traditional ‘Internal’ martial arts to develop true combative excellence, whilst simultaneously building health, wellbeing and enhancing positive character traits.
  • Teaching the martial arts in a positive learning environment, so we get all the positive benefits and none of the negative.
  • Give access to competitive experiences up to international level, for students who wish to take that journey.

Find out more about my Tai Chi Chuan system – its unlike any other out there, being extremely practical, dynamic and effective.

Or have a look at some of my E-learning material, including the sought after Internal Strength training program. Ill be adding e-learning courses soon.

If you are interested in personal training, private martial arts tuition etc, find more details here.

Some people I’ve worked with;