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Online coaching

The pandemic has forced us all to adapt in all kinds of ways. The ways in which we can learn, practice and train has also changed significantly. Online training has proven to be an efficient, time-effective and enjoyable way for many of my students and clients to start or continue their training in the comfort of their own homes. After a good session you can just hop in the shower and and then have a healthy home-cooked meal. Perfect!

In Person, socially distanced personal training

If you are local to me we wan meet at a suitable outdoor space and practice and train pretty much all the elements of the training mix, apart from barbell work. Kettlebells make a great alternative.


Let’s Connect!

Feel free to drop me a line and tell me the sorts of training you’d like to do and an idea of time-slots that are suitable for you.

    Or simply order your sessions below and I’ll get in touch within 24 hours to organise session dates etc

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