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Over three decades of intensive training and research Ive developed a curriculum of training for body and mind, which brings together the best methods from the east and west for a whole approach to training

Iron Vest Qigong / Tai Chi Neigong

A incredible sequence of 24 exercises that are trained in a relaxed yet focused way – including the benefits of mindfulness meditation whilst your entire body is stretched and strengthened.

Benefits: Strength and endurance of the entire body, said to strengthen the internal organs, promote healthy breathing patterns and develops powerful athletic movement. Also helps to reduce stress and assist deeper levels of relaxation.

The snake creeps down posture

Tai Chi Chuan long form training

A sequence of 119 postures/movements which are linked together in a sequence and practiced slowly. They are martial arts techniques practiced every slowly and carefully with a careful attention to precise postural and movement skill details.

Benefits: Develops movement skill, good posture and balance, as well as refining the coordination to very intricate levels. It’s a mindful practice and as such aids in relaxation and stress relief. All around fitness also improves with training.

Tai Chi San Shou technique ‘face striking palm’

Tai Chi San Shou: Freefighting drills

To be effective as a martial art all the fighting techniques from the forms and neigong practices need to be practiced regularly with a partner in a variety of ways. You start slowly and then progress to completely free and spontaneous methods.

Benefits: Familiarity with a wide variety of self defence techniques which are trained to the point where they become instinctive actions in self defence. Includes a significant amount of wrestling training.

Four directions exercise

Conditioned response exercises (Tui Shou)

Partner exercises widely called ‘pushing hands’. However there are many aspects to the drills which include much more than pushing and use the whole body not just the hands.

Benefits: As well as conditioning the body the exercises train you in immediate intelligent response to the opponents force, beyond thought. With practice you can easily ‘uproot’ an opponents balance whilst they cannot attack yours. Reflexes, timing, sensitivity to touch and other martial skills are also trained.

Heavy Spear work

Weapons training

Weapons training includes the practice of three weapons, in solo forms and also partnered drills and exercises. They are the spear, the sabre and the double edged sword.

Benefits: Each weapon exercises the body quite uniquely through the practice of solo form work. Spear builds strength and power, Sabre builds explosion and the sword builds extremely highly levels of body awareness and coordination. The aerobics system also receives a lot of benefit. Applications can be used in self defence with everyday objects.

Julian works the heavy bag

Impact training and martial conditioning

Martial artists have long recognised the need for an extremely well conditioned physique to be effective in combat with high level opponents. The have devised some incredibly efficient training methods which develop a physique with high levels of power for grappling and striking, whilst developing the type of stamina that can help the practitioner thrive at high intensities of exercise (ie combat).

Benefit: Strength, speed, power, accuracy, focus, endurance and conditioning.

Kettlebell lifting

Kettlebells are an incredibly versatile tool for building strength, power or endurance. They also encourage natural, spiralling movement – perfect for building athleticism.

Benefits: Cardiovascular fitness, functional strength, whole body power and whole body movement integration.

Strength Training using weights

Using barbells and other modalities to get you strong. Training for hypertrophy (growth), strength and power. Muscle mass is correlated to numerous health benefits and can also assist you in other athletic endeavours.

Benefits: Improved strength, power and athletic prowess


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