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A highly practical approach to A GENIUS martial art

The practice of Tai Chi has never been more relevant for humans of today, who are faced with unprecedented levels of uncertainty and stress, in addition to becoming increasingly removed from lifestyles our biological systems were designed for.

Tai Chi Chuan as practiced in the club, comes from the lineage of famed Tai Chi fighting master, Cheng Tin Hung. We adopt the same approach to training the art – including the exceptionally practical self defence, fighting and wrestling aspects as well as the health development aspects.


  1. SAN SHOU SELF DEFENCE: Proven Tai Chi Chuan fighting and self defence skills. Striking, grappling, wrestling, Chin Na (Locking and siezing)

2. CONDITIONED RESPONSE EXERCISES: Partner exercises (Tui Shou in Chinese) which train you in a variety of close quarter skills as well as footwork, stance, root, evasion and tactile sensitivity.

3. TAI CHI 24 NEIGONG SYSTEM / INTERNAL STRENGTH: Extremely sought after Neigong/Qigong system for power, endurance, health. Creates a powerful, healthy physique that can strike and throw with exceptional power, and absorb the rigours of real fighting. It is also designed to cultivate a sublime level of tranquility, through various meditative techniques.

4. HAND FORM PRACTICE: A sequence of 119 martial movements practiced in one long, flowing sequence. It’s practiced slowly to increase awareness of minute technical and sensory details, whilst encouraging the development of extremely deep relaxation.

5. WEAPONS TRAINING: Done to develop power, strength and stamina, as well as to increase coordination and technical skill. Weapons training also includes practical applications and training methods so everyday objects can be easily adapted for effective defence. Sword, Sabre and Spear cover long, medium and shorter range tactics.

6. MARTIAL CONDITIONING: Special exercises designed to promote extremely high levels of power and fitness for combat.


Most Tai Chi taught is no longer a fighting art. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though we enjoy the martial arts aspects of the art and appreciate the considerable benefits they bring.

Our unique Tai Chi system has a long history of participation in full contact competition, with unparalleled success across Asia. The type of training used to produce these results is the training used by the founders of the art, when it was still widely taught as a fighting system. We are lucky enough to be able to pass on this unique and highly practical aspect of the art, which gives students real self defence skills in a time efficient way.

Our students have access to a variety of competitions including wrestling style contests as well as full contact style events.

TAI CHI ALSO Reduces Stress & Increases Wellbeing

Practice of Tai Chi significantly reduces stress levels and anxiety, by focusing on states of mind, attitudes and beliefs as well as a variety of different physical and attentional practices which are designed to get you to shift the activity of your nerves into parasympathetic mode.

This is the calm, restful state where we feel at ease, positive and good. In this state the body is primed to regenerate injured tissues and cells, promote feelings of wellbeing, optimise and balance hormones and allow the mind to be in a positive mode, where it can plan better and make higher quality decisions. You are essentially taking yourself out of ‘defence’ mode and into ‘active positive living mode.

The genius of tai chi is that it does this through methods of practice that are truly whole and unified.


Practice of traditional Tai Chi methods can have transformative effects on your health. It strengthens attentional focus, awareness, the functioning of the nervous system, moves lymphatic fluid, enhances respiration and lung function, improves overall immunity and strengthens the condition of the internal organs. Not to mention enhance cardiovascular functioning and oxygenation of cells around the body.

Muscular and connective tissue strength is developed and conditioned, posture improves and your ability to use your body athletically is improved. You develop profound feelings of wellbeing after practice, including partner work, via increases in all the D.O.S.E feel good chemistry, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins – literally all the ways a human being can feel happiest.


By training properly in Tai Chi Chuan you are improving the functioning of your entire organism including all the physical and mental aspects. This leads to no only feelings of positivity and optimism but also promotes confidence. Your appearance improves through a variety of mechanisms including weight management, better body control and posture, improved skin condition via the mechanism of lengthening of telomeres, which is linked to improved collagen condition.

Tai Chi practice is something everyone can and probably should do. It’s infused with profound humanist/naturalist wisdom from the ancient Taoists, which is an ideal antidote to the current techno focussed, disconnected lifestyles many people endure today. All ages can practice, and fitness levels are not important. Everyone will quickly improve all facets once they begin their practice.