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Neigong training

The Wudang system of Taijiquan contains an extremely comprehensive neigong training system. It has long been kept as a fairly secretive system, taught only to more committed students/disciples.

The Neigong system consists of 24 different exercises, with each one training specific parts of the internal or external body, along with foundational Taijiquan ‘Jing’ or power. Essentially they make you very physically powerful, well coordinated and flexible. They also increase your energetic level and lead to a deep sense of relaxed calm and wellbeing.

Twelve of the exercises are ideally practiced on one day (the Yin set) and twelve on the next (the Yang set).  As a daily practice method I have yet to come across anything more intelligently designed or with so many benefits.


I teach Baduanjin qigong, which translates to the eight pieces of brocade. These have been designed to be a simple, yet very effective system of daily exercise and practice, which build general health and wellbeing. Anyone can do and benefit from practice of the brocades and will soon find their body functioning more optimally.