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Tai Chi’s 100 day neigong system

Hong Kong Tai chi neigong demo

Above you can see the results of this strengthening process, which students typically can do after 3 months of training (Neigong can be spelled nei kung)

An incredibly powerful, integrated system of internal strength training

Tai Chi internal strength training has been taught secretively for generations. It its designed to strengthen the bones, muscles and connective tissue of the body, to build powerful movement patters, to optimise the functioning of the internal organs and to increase awareness, mindfulness and achieve deep relaxation. It is the inner structure of Tai Chi training and gives you a strong, powerful and energetic physique with a calm and tranquil mind.

24 Neigong exercises, 12 Yin exercises and 12 Yang exercises

  • Enhances breathing patterns
  • Expands lung capacity
  • Improves functional working of all the joints
  • Strengthens and lengthens muscles, tendons and connective tissue
  • Improves blood circulation through mechanotransduction
  • Improved immunity and lymphatic circulation
  • Improves overall health of the systems of the body
  • Improves appearance: better physique and skin by lengthened telomeres (anti ageing)
  • Develops athletic ability: balance, speed, power and strength
  • Improves endurance through improved physiological functioning and breathing patterns
  • Develops integrated, whole body strength and movements
  • Relaxes the mind and reduces anxiety and stress
  • Develops toughness and willpower
  • Gives you the ‘iron shirt’ – ability to absorb blows easily

The Yin set, which focuses on building the health, strength and stamina of the body internally and externally has 12 exercises based on various Taoist neigong concepts. The complimentary Yang set inlcudes power development exercises, which can strengthen not only martial arts performance but general athletic prowess. It also includes standing meditation, breath awareness and mantra based sections.

Tai Chi neigong has been taught selectively to serious Tai Chi students for many generations. In Hong Kong the famous Tai Chi master Cheng Tin Hung was famous for training some of the most powerful full contact competition fighters of his era. This was in large part due to their neigong training, which was never taught outside of the system and only to his advanced and trusted students. This system of authentic Tai Chi Neigong has not been taught openly before. The idea of neigong for fighters is that it gives you the ability to walk through blows without injury and gives you extremely powerful striking and throwing etc. It also gives you a calm and tranquil mind that allows you to make better decisions and achieve flow states more easily.

Why neigong training is so important for humans today

This system of Tai Chi neigong is an almost perfect system of exercise that strengthens your body and calms your mind in an extremely time efficient way. It is based on Taoist ideas of connecting powerfully to your own body and mind and to nature generally. In today’s disconnected world this is very important.

You can get excellent benefits practicing just 20 minutes a day. You will improve your posture, develop a nicely proportioned physique and feel calmer and more aware in daily life. With intensive training all manner of positive benefits come for both mind and body. It is ideally practiced outside in nature (though this isn’t essential) and helps us to connect deeply not only with ourselves but also the external environment, which is important for all around well being. Traditionally practiced barefoot on the ground this brings excellent additional ‘earthing’ benefits, known to reduced inflammation etc.

Tai Chi neigong is also sometimes called Iron shirt Qigong. This complete system has not been taught before as openly.

You can now learn Tai Chi internal strength easily online

With my easy to follow video you can practice Tai Chi neigong at home and get all the incredible benefits it offers.

I’ve been practicing this system for almost 30 years and it has enabled me to win British and European Tai Chi pushing hands titles, to be unbeaten at the World championships and also to train dozens of Tai Chi and full contact fighting champions.

Neil is the real deal! Incredible softness and quality of movement, combined with ferocious strength and lightening speed. Highly recommended for any serious student of internal martial arts.

Julian McIntyre

Purchase the video and get learning support

When you learn online using my video you also get access to training support so that I can help guide your training. I’ve practiced neigong for almost 30 years so want to give students access to not only the best information via the video but also to ongoing support if needed.

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