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Martial Arts training can be the most powerful way to develop your body and your mind

  • Kickboxing and Boxing
  • Wrestling and grappling
  • Traditional Tai Chi mindful movement practice
  • Practical street self defence
  • Scientific strength and conditioning
  • Internal Strength Neigong
  • Martial meditation

Developing your athletic potential, whilst simultaneously building resilience, grit, toughness and adaptive capacities have long been the attributes trained by the real martial arts warriors of old, wherever they came from.

In todays chaotic world we are faced with an endless variety of challenges, for which we need to remain prepared. We need to maintain peak physical conditioning, as well as to develop and maintain resilience, grit and fortitude.

Strength, power, athleticism and aesthetics 

As well as developing your strength, power, endurance and mental strength, excellent relaxation and mindfulness techniques have been employed by all serious martial arts practitioners which are designed to reduce stress, anxiety and help to build a mindset of ‘peaceful ease’. 

De-stressing to increase wellbeing, performance and health

As modern research informs us, most diseases are stress born, so to practice various techniques to combat it, usually at the end of the movement and physical training in martial arts, we are getting all the benefits we can and training ourselves in the most intelligent way possible.

Combat skills , personal safety and confidence boosting

When you become skilled in genuine practical martial arts, your personal confidence increases across all areas of life. Improved strength, power, endurance and also combat effectiveness transfers directly to real world effectiveness and ability in all kinds of ways. In the event you need to defend yourself or others, you can feel quietly confident in securing the victory.

booking PErsonal coaching

You can train one on one, with a bespoke tailor made approach based around your exact goals.

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