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There are many trendy ways to get involved in martial arts. Some good and some are probably just fashions and fads. 

What we practice are tried and tested, fully functional, full contact ready methods that we can call freefighting. 

We use smart training methods that won’t injure you, cause you concussion or stress you out. You will learn proper fighting training, strategy and technique so that you gain real confidence in being able to use what you learn in a real, fluid fighting situation. 

I have a background in competition full contact fighting and professional bouncing in all kinds of nightclubs, as well as some body guarding. So the things I teach have been tested in the real world.

True freefighting, as I use the term, means to be competent and have ability in all areas of combat, from longer range kicking and punching, through to close quarter clinching, throwing, locking and so on. My freefighting training is integrated, and not separate so all ranges are considered one range. This is an important distinction.

I want to re-emphasise the point that you will gain real confidence and skills, without being injured, hurt or stressed out. It’s a progressive system designed to develop potent martial skills for those people who need it. It’s completely ego-free and nothing to do with that kind of tough guy environment that can be commonly seen in martial arts. That stuff just blocks progress and is a barrier to proper people gaining benefit from proper training.

The base of the pyramid for effective fight skills is always conditioning – power and endurance. We therefore use the best things I know (and I have a masters degree in strength and conditioning) to build the most useful kinds of strength, power and aerobic/anaerobic conditioning.  

You do not need to be fit now. You will learn the exercises and practices that will build your condition in a very systematic way. These things can’t be rushed. You can expect to get into excellent physical condition if you do the exercises and adopt a healthy lifestyle to go with it.

I also teach some basic weapons drills for long and short range approaches, when appropriate. Also we do a little ground work drilling on sweeps, escapes and control positions as well as submissions that are freefight ready. We are not ground specialists, for that go to a BJJ club. 

To join the club drop me an email and I’ll add you to the waiting list. As soon as there is room and lockdown is over i’ll get in touch.