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Ancient Taoists knew that human beings need specific things to feel their best and to maximise their life potential. They knew that you needed to be physically fit, strong and powerful. They knew that you needed stamina and endurance, both physical and mental. They also knew that the mind should be calm, focussed and tranquil in order to make the best decisions and to feel good. They were focussed on helping people achieve their potential via internal and external training.

Neigong gives you an incredible exercise experience for body, mind and spirit.

Neigong training was designed by Taoists to help martial arts practitioners solve their daily training problems. They developed it to build all the physical and mental qualities needed by serious martial artists in a highly efficient manner.

Neigong training is a practice that helps you strengthen your body, master your posture and movement and to achieve deep relaxation. You become much more confident in daily life because of improved appearance, posture, muscle tone and athleticism. You also feel a profound sense of calm and peace with regular practice, due to the meditative nature of the training. You will experience deeper connection with yourself, nature and those around you.

Tai Chi neigong can be practiced almost anywhere and needs very little space. Because of this and because of the remarkable development it brings body and mind, I think it may be the most perfect exercise system I’ve come across in 30 years of martial arts training.

Each practice leaves you with feelings of peace and a deep sense of calm and wellbeing, whilst you can feel your body has received an optimal level of exercise and stimulation.

Powerful exercise and profound meditation combined efficiently

Meditation is a powerful discipline with many excellent benefits. Neigong practice actually combines different types of meditative practice with powerful physical exercise so you get an extremely efficient practice. Your body and mind get trained together. 20 minutes a day will bring you excellent results.

Tai chi neigong includes 24 specially designed exercises, split into to sets of 12. The Yin set, which focuses on building the health, strength and stamina of the body internally and externally has 12 exercises based on various Taoist neigong concepts and animal movements. The complimentary Yang set inlcudes power development exercises, which can strengthen not only martial arts performance but general athletic prowess. It also includes standing meditation, breath awareness and mantra based sections.

Some of the benefits of Tai Chi Neigong practice

  • Enhances breathing patterns
  • Expands lung capacity
  • Improves functional working of all the joints
  • Strengthens and lengthens muscles, tendons and connective tissue
  • Improves blood circulation through mechanotransduction
  • Improved immunity and lymphatic circulation
  • Improves overall health of the systems of the body
  • Improves appearance: better physique and skin by lengthened telomeres (anti ageing)
  • Develops athletic ability: balance, speed, power and strength
  • Improves endurance through improved physiological functioning and breathing patterns
  • Develops integrated, whole body strength and movements
  • Relaxes the mind and reduces anxiety and stress
  • Develops toughness and willpower
  • Gives you the ‘iron shirt’ – ability to absorb blows easily

You can now learn Tai Chi internal strength easily online

With my easy to follow video you can practice Tai Chi neigong at home and get all the incredible benefits it offers. I have designed the video to be very easy for you to follow.

I’ve been practicing this system for almost 30 years and it has enabled me to win British and European Tai Chi pushing hands titles, to be unbeaten at the World championships and also to train dozens of Tai Chi and full contact fighting champions.

On the right you can see the results of our neigong that we used to traditionally test like this.

Neil is the real deal! Incredible softness and quality of movement, combined with ferocious strength and lightening speed. Highly recommended for any serious student of internal martial arts.

Julian McIntyre

Begin your Neigong journey today with video and receive online learning support from me