A comprehensive approach to fitness, health and self defence

Mondays and Wednesdays from 6.30pm to 9pm. £20 per class monthly deal available.


Forms 41 styles
Conditioned response training (Tui Shou) 8 systems
Freefighting drills (self defence) 48 drills
Internal Strength training 24 styles

This is not ordinary ‘Tai Chi’

When the art was originally created, it was designed to be a practical martial art for use in self defence. As the art was handed down over generations it even ended up being taught to elite military units in Beijing. It was at this point considered by most people as the premier fighting system.

Unfortunately a lot of this martial and practical material has been lost in a lot of lineages of ‘Tai Chi’.

At various points in the arts evolution, it has been infused with highly effective methods of ‘internal training’,  designed to enhance the health, vitality and tranquility of the practitioner.

These techniques work to optimise posture, body awareness, balance, movement skill, coordination and timing.

They also develop harmonious, diaphragmatic breathing, to promote mental tranquility and the ability to make better decisions and to think more clearly.

Internal organ function is enhanced and blood circulation throughout the entire body is greatly improved. The flexibility and strength of the entire body is cultivated and ceaselessly developed.

The ultimate aim of training is to produce a very healthy practitioner, sound in mind and body.

The self defence side of the art balances the internal development aspects, and brings the practitioner confident self assuredness. The self defence train students to be effective in all ranges of combat.

There are five elements that make up the whole Wudang Tai chi syllabus;

Each aspect cultivates specific skills, abilities or qualities within your practice. Some parts of the practice focus more on coordination, movement skill or technique, whilst other parts will wok more on the physical aspects of the body or the mind of the practitioner.