Human beings no longer move anywhere near as much as they were ‘designed’ for or evolved to be.  Our sedentary lifestyles do not expose our bodies’ to anywhere near the amount of physical loading as is necessary to maintain optimal physical form, or health. This is true to the deepest cellular levels, which are all affected by our lack of high quality movement or through a lack of appropriate physical loading.

Most modern exercise regimes don’t fully take into account the need for a variety of movement ‘nutrition’, and natural patterns of action.

Additionally, most of us encounter a bewildering array of unnatural stressors, particularly technological, which our ancestors did not face.

The combination of lack of appropriate movement/exercise and excessive mental stimulation has created a wide variety of health problems for a lot of us.

Fortunately there are many ways to not only counter the negative effects of modern living, but also to enhance and human performance, physically and mentally. 

My personal training system is based on the wisdom of the ancient, primal  Chinese health practices, martial arts practices and modern scientific Strength and Conditioning. The objective is to use extremely enjoyable and highly effective methods of physical practice, combined with sensible lifestyle enhancements, to provide you with profound improvements in your physical health, aesthetic, performance and sense of wellbeing. Each person will have their unique needs and so the bespoke training approach carefully incorporates your specific needs.

Sessions are generally held in a private, purpose built studio in Camden Town, though other arrangements can be made.