Personal training for 'special outcomes'

If you are a competitive athlete, sportsperson or simply want to achieve peak performance in something, you require SPP: Special physical preparedenss.

Unlike the generalist GPP training which seeks to make the practitioner generally stronger and well conditioned, SPP defines clear outcome measures and streamlines training to achieve these.

SPP needs to be carefully designed, planned and implemented, and must meet the needs of the practitioner in question at their stage of development.

Typically SPP uses intense strength and power training methods, in ways that meet the needs of the sport or training outcome.

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Private coaching in General Physical Preparedness

Depending on your health and fitness status, if you are looking for personal training you are probably looking to improve your general physical preparedness. This is training to make yourself generally stronger, fitter, mobile, flexible. You may also be looking for greater endurance and stamina. Toning, gaining muscle size and so on are all part of this category.

GPP type training generally begins with a broad range of exercises and methods to build the physical condition of the body. Once a good general condition has been achieved then you will begin to strip away exercises and focus efforts on 'big bang' exercises that deliver many more returns for your effort investment.

Barbell work, ring work, callisthenics, circuit training and so on can all fall into the category of GPP exercise.

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