Personal Training and private tuition at the ‘hidden gym’ in Camden

Information on Personal Training. Locations, training, rates etc.

I consider myself very fortunate in being able to teach and train a very interesting set of students/clients at a purpose built studio in Camden Town. The studio has evolved nicely, from a former nursery into a calm and tranquil place to practice various types of health, fitness or martial arts training. It’s across the road from the tube station so extremely convenient for most people.

I tend to run sessions most days of the week, working clients in as and where possible. Generally I can be fairly flexible, and book sessions out on a first come first serve ed basis. So if you are an organist individual you can book your sessions a few weeks in advance if you like.D

I find most people are quite into the idea of looking better, feeling more ‘fit’ and energetic, as well as perhaps improving certain key aspects of their health, or improving an injury limitation. These are all admirable goals and are generally quite easily achieved with regular sessions and some consistency.

Some people have a ‘sport specific’ outcome in mind, which again we can work towards in a direct way.

I also offer private tuition in various aspects of martial arts and self defence. For some people they do this mainly because they enjoy it. For others, they want to improve their confidence in being able to ‘look after themselves’. I very much enjoy teaching martial arts skills to all my clients who are interested in learning.


Rates do vary, depending on how often you come and also how many slots you commit to in advance. I keep rates reasonable. The best thing is to email me or phone me with your intended amount of training and i can quote you accurately.

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