Neil Rosiak Personal Training

Neil Rosiak MSc: Lifestyle, fitness and health coaching.

I have a deep interest in all things related to health, fitness and human performance. I’ve spent decades training, teaching and researching in order to be able to help others benefit from what i’ve learned.

I coach people on a one to one basis at a studio in Camden Town, as well as in their homes in special cases. I like to use an integrated approach so that my clients gain the maximal possible benefit from the practice.

I have over thirty years of martial arts training and teaching experience, so a lot of my training is infused with the fascinating and highly effective practices from these arts.

Improving your confidence in your physical appearance

Our outer physical form not only is often a reflection of our inner health, it’s also an important part of how we are perceived by others. If you aren’t too happy about your current physical appearance there’s good news. You can make pretty significant changes by using the right approach. If we work together i put together the ideal exercise plans, as well as giving you optimised nutritional strategies and lifestyle coaching, to get you to your desired physique. We have to set realistic goals and be disciplined in our approach. But with perseverance huge improvements can be made to anybody’s physique.

Improve your movement skill: enhance your enjoyment of anything physical in life

By maximising your physical potential and improving your physicality, you can improve your confidence in and ability in all physical tasks. Becoming better coordinated, better balanced, stronger and with more stamina brings about a better quality of life in almost all activities, that aren’t strictly brain work.

Develop a tranquil and focussed mind

Many of the training methods from the martial arts are similar to mindfulness based meditation. What they do is help you to improve your powers of concentration and focus, achieving a more ‘in the now’ state of presence. These practices are often done whilst exercising so that you get the additional benefits from that too. The objective is to relax the body and the mind, leaving you highly alert but with a feeling of tranquility and ease. Mindfulness practices have been well researched by the scientific community and have a whole host of proven benefits, that improve almost all aspects of your life.

Improve your self confidence and assertiveness

Many of my clients ask me to include some self defence training with their coaching. What we find is that with regular practice, they often become far more self confident as people, learning how to be appropriately assertive when necessary. As well as helping you to feel more confident in all situations, self defence training can be a really enjoyable practice, exercising the whole body.

Be sure you are getting the best possible training

I’ve been fascinated with the martial arts and physical training arts since early childhood. I’ve always sought out the best teachers in their individual fields, training with proven champions, rather than those who are in the public eye.

For me the truth in training is essential. In addition to training with some of the worlds greatest martial artists, i’ve also trained under world champions and national team coaches in weight training methods like kettlebell lifting and powerlifting. This means that the techniques you practice and learn are the real deal, not the latest internet fad. This leads to you getting much better returns on your training investment.

I also hold a Masters Degree in exercise science so i’m trained in research methods, which means any of the latest nutritional or training strategies that emerge can be incorporated into the practice if they are good.

My rates

For a one off session I charge £110. For ten sessions at the studio I charge £800. For a block or 10 sessions at another location of your choice I charge £1200.

I appreciate this probably isn’t the cheapest set of prices (nor the most expensive), I feel it’s very good value for the level of experience and training on offer.

  • MSc Strength and Conditioning, University of Edinburgh
  • Trained By Dan Docherty, 1980 South East Asian Martial Arts Champions
  • Winner of British, European and international martial arts competitions
  • Student of vasily Ginko, 7 time world kettlebell champion
  • National representative of the International Union of Ketllbell Lifting
  • Strength and Conditioning Columnist for Combat magazine
  • Trainer of British, European and World martial arts champions
  • 20 + years of coaching experience



Client experiences

Private Camden Town Studio

Neil teaches his clients from a bespoke private studio in Camden Town yards from the tube.

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